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Welcome to Insight

Insight brings you some fascinating articles and information about the latest things I am up to.

It connects you to the psychic / spiritual world and aims to help you try out your own inner powers .

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A wee bit about me

Well what can I tell you, my career spans over 27 years professionally but, all of my life really if I go back to age four and my very first psychic experience.

Over the years I have worked in the media and was previously the Scottish Sun Psychic Columnist.

My new book is out now and I am delighted to see it in print, its been a life long dream of mine and now it has all come to fruition. The book is about psychic children and there is not much more I can tell you about it as its top secret so you will need to go and order it on Amazon.

Not your typical psychic, I've managed to cross many boundaries in my work from; touring the UK in theatre, working in radio, coaching and training in the corporate world with my Intuitive Leadership course, seeing clients for readings, delivering and developing workshops on many esoteric subjects, gathering highly respected and professional contributors for my Sister site www.evolvedstate.com where you can access lots of informative articles on a vast array of subjects and working in the media including magazines and newspapers.

So, I have done a fair bit and my intention with this site is to provide you with many valuable pieces of information, tips and tools to allow you to tap into your own potential. Also, feel free to email me if you want your letter or problem answered in the Sun.

I hope this give you a flavour of my own personal journey over the years.

An Angel Walked Beside Me
Amazing Stories of Children who Touch the Other Side 

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