Turning Mysteries into Reality

“Intuition is the source of scientific knowledge”

Aristotle, 323 BC


That’s how Joan Charles will leave you feeling when you reconnect with your inner guidance or your loved ones through psychic tarot mediumship.

Being psychic as a child, Joan has dedicated her life to opening up communications between people and their personal guidance and loved ones. "I love it when we get to that point where they see what’s been holding them back from the life they want.” 

We all know there’s more to life, wouldn’t it feel great to have a hotline to what’s really going on?

Over 35 years, Joan has helped countless people; from those suffering loss, to the curious, to organisations tapping into creative intuition. She has also trained hundreds of people how to channel their psychic capabilities on introductory up to accredited Masters courses.

You can click the facebook channel above to take part in regular live sessions and get in touch below if you’d like to be one of the first to hear about the launch of her new webinars and online courses.

“I rely far more on gut instinct than researching

huge amounts of statistics”

Richard Branson

“Joan Charles is the most dedicated tarot expert I have ever met. For the last 36 years she has applied her entire working life to mastering this mystical system so she can serve the greater good and give comfort to so many who need it. With her strong spiritual connection and passion for bringing through messages from the other side, Joan has created her own distinct style of marrying mediumship, tarot and life experience into her art. I am grateful to know her professionally and call her a friend.”

Kyle Gray, International Bestselling Author & Angel Expert


Joan Charles


An Angel Walked Beside Me

The Joan Charles Tarot Deck


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What's New

New - "Cosmic Attractions" reading. Special £20 launch price!

 "Are you searching for that Special partner to be with? Have you found dating sites to be frustrating and full of high’s and lows in your search? Then perhaps Cosmic Attractions is for you. My aim is to connect with your higher self and your guides to glean information about your potential partner to enable you to find real love and romance.

New Courses - Tune in today

Come and see the new Introduction To The Tarot Course; (Click Below).

The next Psychic development courses are also available to join in physically, email for more details; joan.charles@btinternet.com 

Spirit Messages - Are they for you?

It is not common for messages to push through from spirit so when it does happen I respect that and place them here.

If you can identify with them please contact me for more.

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"To be honest I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing. I didn't say a word and you told me about my mother in the spirit world and her character,

...  it was just her and spot on.

It was just a total shock so you have totally converted me and I am still amazed at your accuracy. 

—  Linda —



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