I don’t know about you but as a child I never felt as if I fitted in or part of something.. not even my own family then. I felt sure aliens or something had dropped me here and I just didn’t get it. Its not uncommon you know and thankfully these days we talk much more openly about these things and of course, what we can’t understand, there is always Google.

Some we born as “Indigo children”, their task, if they chose to accept it, was to save humanity, help where they could and feel that they were fulfilling their mission. That kind of made it alright except, how on earth were you to do this? The first steps are understanding that its ok to be different, not to fit in and to stand out from the crowd in a quiet way. The quiet part soon changes as you step into your own power and are almost compelled to speak out when an injustice is done. The inner voice somehow pushes through and with the roar of an inner lion, gets the point across. This is not looked upon favourably by everyone either and so its about gathering strength and courage as you go, accepting the experiences as building blocks to the future “you” that you will become and evolve into. Not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination.


This isn’t just a subject that is important to adults who have managed to find their way from child-hood to present day and survived using their own coping mechanisms. It is so critical to under-stand if you then have an “ indigo” child. Knowing how to help them fit into there life here without it being an up hill struggle could be their life line. I remember all too well wishing there were someone I could speak to about how I felt and what was happening but I was too scared I would be seen as Weird, strange or whatever. Now that I have grown into myself I really don’t care but that took a long time to build and feel confident about.


Some pointers to knowing if your an Indigo;


  • You always felt different to the other kids

  • You had a strong sense or feeling about things before they happened

  • School didn’t really give you what you were looking for but things like, creativity and imagination made up for it

  • You knew [god knows how] that you were here for a reason

  • Being alone was actually all right

  • You knew when folk were not telling you the truth

  • My mother used to say “ curiosity killed the cat” I still need to know everything

  • You feel other people’s pain

  • You and have been that leader

  • You had psychic experiences as a child

  • You got bored easily; your mind needs constant stimulation and your often way ahead of the game to the annoyance of others.

  • Because of your highly tuned sensitivity and vibration you respond quickly to things others would just not even think about. This can manifest in anxiety and personally speaking, when I am engaging in something and get distracted its like a big alarm bell going off and jolts me back to the earth with a bang.


So, if you can relate to many of these points you could well be an Indigo adult and on reflection of your childhood much of this will make perfect sense to you. The role you may also have taken on is to help a child, [perhaps your own or maybe a relative] to step comfortably onto their path and make it feel like its “ normal” whatever that is.


By doing this you remove many of the barriers and limitations they would have otherwise faced on their journey. Children don’t come with a rule book and being an Indigo is a big task so when you see these traits in a wee one not only will you recognise them but, as they stare into your eyes reading your very soul you will know their truth. Remember, the eyes are the mirror to the soul.