Power Structure Dissolving?

Have you ever hoped for a global transformation of human consciousness? Do you feel a growing tension between your inner world and the outer world?


The way our global society is structured right now is like a pyramid. It represents the power structures of force that’s been in place throughout recorded history. It seems to be getting weirder, more sordid and more awful and a lot of people are feeling that way.


Very often it’s at the extreme of one system that another system comes in. Like in Confucionist China, which was very rigid, the Daoists came in with a new way, which was incredibly fluid. It’s like when you shoot an arrow. When you pull way back in one direction it shoots things forward in the opposite direction.


So, what would a more enlightened world look like? In this video, Martha Beck, (an Oprah favourite and “one of the best-known life coaches in America”), shows a heart-warming demonstration of how we each play a vital role in an ‘epidemic of awakening’.