Leslie Marsh, Shamanic Practitioner & Storyteller. Having had experiences of Animal Spirits since as far back as I can remember, I have worked with animals both in this reality and in others. It was only after I began Shamanic training that I realised this is what I had been doing for most of my lives!


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How will you connect today?

How will you connect today?


Simonne is a natural Psychic, connecting with the world of spirit from a very early age. She is a Gifted Tarot, Oracle, Colour and Tea Leaf reader who provides her clients with accurate information past, present & future. During her teens she was working alongside her Mum at psychic commercial events and although slightly daunting she has taken a lot from these experiences and it's allowed her to develop on her spiritual path.


Kevin lives an eclectic spiritual life with a mix of Wiccan influence and spirit guidance. He is an emotionally intuitive psychic, and has developed his gifts over the years into different forms of divination for clients; his favourites in particular are tarot reading being trained by Joan Charles and scrying or crystal gazing.

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Susan is a professional, fully accredited Tarot reader, trained in all aspects of the Tarot by the renowned Psychic / Spiritual teacher Joan Charles, as well as being a Reiki Master. Susan brings your story to life with one of the many Tarot spreads she provides. 

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Jean is an Angel Therapy® Practitioner, Angel Intuitive® and Angel Card® Reader certified by Doreen Virtue. She has Studied Tarot extensively with Joan Charles.
She is also a Reiki Angel Healer including Etheric Cord Cutting & Oracle Card Readings.

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Kirsty has a good intuitive sense which has guided her through many life situations. She decided to develop this psychic / intuitive sense and began to study the Tarot with Joan Charles. It has been an interesting journey and she went from student to Master over the last few years. Kirsty continues to develop and hone her Clairvoyant and Clairsensient skills as well as her mediumship

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