7 Top Mystical tips 

Want to tap into your mystical inner being? here are some tips for you to try.

Know that you are the God / Goddess of power in your own universe. With the power of belief you can set any intention you desire including, your psychic and spiritual awakening. Trust that your soul knows what you need and will respond. Be the genie of your own magic lamp.

Go with your gut - the first sense you have is your intuition giving you a huge nudge in the right direction. The problem is, we often ignore this and it’s only later that we say “ if only I had of….” Don’t find your self in the “if only” camp listen to your inner voice.

Have fun and don’t be afraid to play with it. Fun allows your relaxed creative and intuitive brain to feed you with valuable insights. You’ll get nowhere forcing or being too serious so, lighten up and practice tuning your radio to the correct frequency.

Surround yourself with others who will encourage and assist you in your quest - you don’t need to be the “Lone Ranger” or the “ Mystic in the Mist” be the wise one and look for others who are the same.


Take yourself off to weird and wonderful places like an art gallery, look at what each image / painting gives you - what does it really say about the artist? What images are you more drawn to and what’s the message for you? Getting away from the norm is one very important key to raising your awareness.


We don’t live in the dark ages however, sometimes you need to find the courage, your “Joan of Arc” to be who you are. Worrying about what other people think will only do one thing - limit your own abilities. So, find your inner strength and speak your truth and intuitive passion.


Lastly, I have a  wee secret, Shhhhh      You were born with intuition,      yes, thats right. Its not a new thing, it’s been there all along just waiting for you to tap into it and flex that muscle and give it a bit of a workout. 

There you have it, some ways to tap into your intuition and get it working for you.